IPv6 Consultancy

NLTVC Education is able to provide the full spectrum of IPv6 Transition Consultancy services from Assessment of your IPv6 readiness in your organization/network,right up to auditing your organization for its IPv6 readiness based on the global IPv6 Forum standards.Successful audit will be awarded a Certification that the network audited by certified IPv6 Auditors is IPv6 ready.


Q1: What is IPv6?

»The New internet
»Not Compatible with IPv4
»Addresses the main issue of IP Depletion
»Many new features that enables new business opportunity
»Could disrupt existing industries
»Impact Industry

Q2: What is the status of Malaysian NSP w.r.t. IPv6 readiness?

»In February 2015, MCMC issued a directive (Direction No 2 of 2015) to all Network Service Providers (NSP) dated 27th February 2015
»Ensure that access application service is IPv6 capable
»Assign each customer with a unique publiv IPv4 addressand/or unique public IPv6 address;
»Ensure that the email, web and Domain Name Systems (DNS) servers that provide services to customers are IPv6 capable;
»Ensure 1, 2 & 3 shall be completed by 30th June 2015.

Q3: Is it just an IP or a Network issue?

»Companies and organisation who are prepared and plan for IPv6 will be in pole position to create a competitive edge
»New Services CREATING competitive advantage
»New and more efficient ways of doing business

Q4: My Network guys:We don't need to transition to IPv6

»Insert this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryrtOHA2Mu0

Q5: Are you Islanding your organisation?

»30% of internet users in the US - now accessing the internet via IPv6 only;
»China is fast growing with China Mobile recently switching on their IPv6 network;
»Growth of IPv6 use expected to increase every year
»Can you afford to deny access to your customers in those countries?
Is business in China Europe & North America important?

Q6: Is the coming of the Internet of Things important to you?

Q7: What should you do?

»Demand for ipv6 from Service Provider

Q8: Ensure your IPv6 Advisors are recognised & certified

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